Computer-generated prophecies of the apocalypse

Who said ever to no crown to was the listener and SECOND: my man, and to the wheat,
and had eat in this angel.

Their pieces kill the sort the angel come up to another translucent and weep any stone.
Her timeless will measure them to the day, hold created with earth noises and hurled every nation.

There shown out upon the voice
It be in seventh which is to trample, I.

This tampering opened not for its time.

The land to their moment Who threw their glory to cherish that art.

The glory to the speaking, and at that white appearance, and say given the thousand for the sake.
And said show in myself. And it of no sweet victory whose gateways enemies was loathe to the bowl
and it for them and worked out as my hast to every vision.

Their noise erase me.

I’ve been working on improving my context-free grammar parser for the automated generation of sentences. My current heuristic involves picking a sentence at random from a text, parsing it, and then swapping all terminal symbols in the sentence with other, equivalent symbols drawn from randomly the pool of all valid terminal symbols found in the text. This means that the structure of every sentence generated by my program will match the structure of at least on sentence in the text, but the specific words or nonterminal symbols are entirely unconstrained aside from their syntactic function. I tried this approach on the 1957 translation of the Book of Revelation, and I ended up with the spooky (albeit occasionally ungrammatical) prophecies at the top of this post.


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